Dialog Series

Primary Applications:

This controller is used to automatically irrigate parks, turf areas, and athletic fields. Modular feature offers wide choice of number of stations (from 8 to 48 stations)

Features and Benefits:

Solid-state controller
8-station modular controller. Capacity for 24 stations by adding two 8-station extension modules, and up to 48 stations with the connection of an additional 8-station modular cabinet containing up to two additional 8-station extension modules
LCD display with easy-to-understand programming icons
Manual station or cycle start capacity
Water budgeting function adjusts watering time from 0 to 200 % in 10 % increments
ON/OFF key for rainy weather shutdown Automatic stacking of one overlapped start
Outdoor wall mount cabinet
Internal transformer
Automatic diagnostic circuit breaker
Sensor terminal on terminal strip
Circuit for rechargeable 9-Volt Ni-MH battery to maintain program in case of power outage. Default program operates each station once a day for 10 minutes starting 8 hours after power resumes in case of extended power failure
LCD displays alarm symbols
Programmable delay-between-stations : from 0 to 99 seconds.
PC remote ready: by adding a modem, controllers can be connected to Tele Manager system for remote control from a PC
Special terminal for water meter (flow management. Requires software)


Number of programs: 3
Automatic starts per day per program: up to 8 cycles
Programming schedule
Weekly : 7-day cycle with watering on any day
1 to 6 day cycle with only one watering day (per program)
Even days / dates of the month
Odd days / dates of the month (with or without the 31st)
Number of stations: 8 upgradeable to 48 Station timing: 1 minute to 12 hours in 1-minute increments
Delay-between-stations : 0 to 99 seconds in 1-second increments


Input required: 230 VAC - 50 Hz
Output: 26.5 VAC - 50 Hz
Capacity: 50 VA
Multi-valve station capacity: 3 RAIN BIRD 24VAC solenoid valves per station plus a master valve or pump start relay

Dialog Series